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How we kept Maya from "kicking the bucket." (Click on any small image for a larger view.)

  • Here is the completed hobble, with measurments.
  • Hardware detail. One loop of the hardware is sewn into the webbing. The webbing goes through the other part and loops back on itself, fastening with the velcro.
  • Detail of the hook velcro, which goes on 5" of either end of the webbing.
  • Detail of the pile velcro, which goes on the rest of each end of the webbing, up to the hardware. It should be roughly the same length as the hook velcro, for maximum flexibility in working with different goat's ankles.
  • Final product, in-use. With the velcro facing out and an empty slot of the hardware facing back, wrap the webbing around one leg just above the ankle joint. Put the webbing through the slot and wrap it back on itself, attaching the hook and pile velcro together. Pull it tight enough so there is some tension on the achilees tendon just above the ankle, so she'll know it's there. Repeat with other leg. Don't put the bucket up yet, as she may kick while the hobble is going on!