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2009 spring retreat debt discussion

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$800,000 debt

Modified May 22, 2009: (This item was not discussed at the retreat)

Possible action items for EcoReaity members (or others) to take on in order for EcoReality to pay off the debt:

  • Invite a Fundraising steward to oversee this area.
  • Possibly hire someone to do fundraising for the co-op in order for the co-op to meet its goals. This could possibly be delayed if there were benchmarks set and if the benchmarks are not met by volunteers, we take the action of hiring someone.
  • Set fundraising goals and timelines.
  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas (grants, private donations, new members, on site enterprises).
  • Determine time line of SEEDS charitable donation status.
  • Determine worst case scenario if debt is not paid.
  • Research financing options with private lenders and lending institutions.

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