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2009 spring retreat recruiting

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Our current recruiting strategy is primarily one of public relations, involving the following aspects:

  • Keep EcoReality in the news by having something worth reporting in the local papers at least once per month.
    • I need significant help in doing this that hasn't been available for a variety or reasons.
    • We also try to cluster on-site outreach activities around the members' weekends, both to avoid burn-out in-between, and to have the most members involved.
  • Maintain a presence on various web directories, such as ic.org, Global Ecovillage Network, etc.
  • Adding comments to blogs, etc. regarding our activities.
  • Articles in target demographic publications and websites, such as Communities Magazine, Permaculture Activist, Energy Bulletin, etc.
  • Publishing our monthly newsletter.
  • Hosting potential members for extended periods.
  • Attending, boothing, and speaking at appropriate conferences.
    • This has been supported by my own dime in the past, and I can no longer afford to do this on my own.
    • This has brought us two members, so perhaps it should be re-emphasized and funded.

What we have not tried, which might happen if it looks like our balloon payment is in trouble:

  • Hiring recruiting/fundraising help.
  • Advertising
    • We've done small amounts of advertising, with totally zero results. For advertising to work requires a campaign and a hefty budget, not one-off ads here and there.

Of the non-founding-members and prospective members:

  • two came as a result of Jan's & Carol's participation in the documentary film Escape From Suburbia.
  • two came as a result of Jan's & Carols' self-funded participation in a Northwest Intentional Community Association conference.
  • three came as a result of finding the EcoReality website via Google.

Of current Advisory Council members,

  • over a third came via some electronic means, typically via our website
  • about a fifth came from personal contact
  • about a sixth came from events, such as the mentioned NICA conference, and events held at O.U.R.

Janemail 23:38, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

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