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Income & Expenses

4000000Product Income$477.35$477.35
4030000Product Income, Market Garden$60.80$60.800000000.
4070000Product Income, Fruiticulture$16.05$16.050000000.
4120000Product Income, Rent$400.50$400.500000000.
4120135Product Income, Rent, Other$200.00$200.000000000.0000000.
5000000Product Expense$-190.50$-190.50
5120000Product Expense, Rent$-190.50$-190.500000000.
6000000Operating Expense$-103.94$208.73$104.79
6200000Operating Expense, Bank Charges$7.00$7.000000000.
6700000Operating Expense, Interest$51.42$51.420000000.
6850000Operating Expense, Maintenance$-103.94$-103.940000000.
6900000Operating Expense, Miscellaneous$150.31$150.310000000.
8000000Other Income$75.00$75.00
8010000Other Income, Member Dues$75.00$75.000000000.
8010002Other Income, Member Dues, Steinman, Jan$25.00$25.000000000.0000000.
8010004Other Income, Member Dues, Wagner, Carol$25.00$25.000000000.0000000.
8010165Other Income, Member Dues, Siegers, Rudy$25.00$25.000000000.0000000.

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