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Current Production

All production figures are in kilograms, which for milk is a tiny bit (a few percent) more than a litre. We typically use litres and kilograms interchangeably for milk.

Total production for this period is 38.018 kilograms.

Average daily production for this period is 1.311 kilograms.

For any table below, click on the triangles in any column header to sort by that column.

Goat names in bold are currently owned; ones in italics are no longer owned.

By animal



These can be expected to show a bias in favour of morning milkings, because at four weeks, we separate kids at night, and only milk their dams in the morning. Thus, animals that don't lactate for very long after weaning will show a very strong bias toward morning


By Milker

Huang, Jae2012-04-032012-04-29226.7760.308
Laferriere, Charles2012-04-072012-04-23206.4810.324
Steinman, Jan2012-04-012012-04-285216.0860.309
Wagner, Carol2012-04-102012-04-30268.6750.334

By Assistant

Crandell, Shannon2012-04-222012-04-2341.50.367
Huang, Jae2012-04-022012-04-306419.80.310
Laferriere, Charles2012-04-032012-04-0882.20.275
Steinman, Jan2012-04-052012-04-30186.20.343
Wagner, Carol2012-04-012012-04-28268.30.321


The Total column is messed up somehow...

1 to 26 of 120 [1] 2 3 4 5
PriyaSteinman, JanWagner, Carol2012-04-01 07:30:000.2090.539
ShaktiSteinman, JanWagner, Carol2012-04-01 07:30:000.3300.330
PriyaSteinman, JanWagner, Carol2012-04-01 19:40:000.2111.031
ShaktiSteinman, JanWagner, Carol2012-04-01 19:40:000.2810.820
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-02 07:30:000.2221.571
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-02 07:30:000.3181.349
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-02 19:30:000.2082.105
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-02 19:30:000.3261.897
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-03 07:30:000.2402.672
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-03 07:30:000.3272.432
PriyaHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-03 19:30:000.1963.163
ShaktiHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-03 19:30:000.2952.967
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-04 07:30:000.2193.682
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-04 07:30:000.3003.463
PriyaHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-04 19:30:000.2164.239
ShaktiHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-04 19:30:000.3414.023
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-05 07:30:000.2304.791
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-05 07:30:000.3224.561
PriyaHuang, JaeSteinman, Jan2012-04-05 19:30:000.2095.372
ShaktiHuang, JaeSteinman, Jan2012-04-05 19:30:000.3725.163
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-06 07:30:000.2555.984
ShaktiSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-06 07:30:000.3575.729
PriyaHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-06 19:30:000.2266.567
ShaktiHuang, JaeLaferriere, Charles2012-04-06 19:30:000.3576.341
PriyaSteinman, JanHuang, Jae2012-04-07 07:30:000.2397.132
1 to 26 of 120 [1] 2 3 4 5

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