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by Profit centre

Profit centreHarvestUnitsHarvestsBeginEndDays
Dairy1,150.402kilograms154301-01, Wed06-03, Wed155
Eggs2,793.000each24701-05, Sun05-31, Sun148
TOTAL:3,943.402each179001-01, Wed06-03, Wed155

by Product

37egg, chicken2,120.000each12801-05, Sun05-31, Sun148
89egg, duck652.000each11502-04, Tue05-31, Sun118
293egg, goose21.000each403-15, Sun03-27, Fri13
53milk, goat1,150.402kilograms154301-01, Wed06-03, Wed155

by Harvester

564Emery Goodsir25.000each402-15, Sat02-16, Sun2
563Paisley Goodsir26.000each402-15, Sat02-16, Sun2
405Kelvin Hamilton1,109.000each9103-15, Sun05-31, Sun78
3Cleome Rowe633.387each6201-26, Sun05-17, Sun113
2Jan Steinman2,143.015each162701-01, Wed06-03, Wed155
567Reverie Strem7.000each202-17, Mon02-17, Mon1

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