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Other account statistics:

Other statistics:

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Assets, Current Assets

Account number 1010000: Abstract superclass for all short-term assets.

Reconciled as of


Sub Accounts

Accountacct_name(a.ID)StewardProfit centreProjectTypeCategoryDescription
1010001Assets, Current Assets, CashAssetBankThis account is for any cash we handle. This was established in 2014; prior to that, we managed cash via the checking account.
1010006Assets, Current Assets, PayPalAssetBankThe PayPal account we use for co-op stuff.
1010007Assets, Current Assets, BC Ferry Card 514, 953AssetCredit CardThe EcoReality BC Experience Card.
1010011Assets, Current Assets, ISCU ChequingAssetBankThis is the primary checking account, through which almost all money flows.
1010012Assets, Current Assets, ISCU Member SharesAssetBankThis has been where member share funds were held, but is currently unused.
1010013Assets, Current Assets, ISCU Restricted FundsAssetBankThis is where we put stuff like security deposits that we want separated from operational funds.
1010021Assets, Current Assets, CCECAssetBankThe main CCEC (mortgage) account.
1010022Assets, Current Assets, CCEC Equity SharesAssetBankCCEC makes us leave money in here.
1010023Assets, Current Assets, CCEC Loan EquityAssetBankCCEC makes us leave money in here.

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IDDateDayTypeNumNameItemProjectBuyerSellerSourceSrc AmountDestinationDest AmountBalanceClrNote
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