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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20130102.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
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Greenhouse from north.jpeg

Project ID: 126

Project steward

Jan Steinman

Project photos

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We need greenhouse starts, both for our own use, and for sale.


With a large greenhouse (24' x 148'), we can generate tens of thousands of dollars annually in starts, as well as supplying our own vegetable starts.

This will use solar power for temperature control, and will use our own biodiesel for winter/spring heating.


  • 2010-09-30 project begun.
  • 2011-03-12: greenhouse kit arrives from Steele Greenhouses.
  • 2011-10-20: arches raised.
  • 2012-03-25: skinned.
  • 2012-04-11: dividers complete
  • 2012-04-15: table toppers built
  • 2012-04-22: doors complete, with auto closers and stay-open hooks

Goal or deliverable

A 24' x 148' greenhouse, set up for producing transplant propagation starts.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

time-related aspects of the project, which may include intermediate deadlines, dependencies, etc


Design for greenhouse tables based upon several thousand square feet of stainless steel mesh obtained from BC Auctions and painted 2"x6" lumber from the horse fence across the frontage that we salvaged when we put up deer fencing.

generally, a numbered list of tasks, performed in order, that will together accomplish the project's goals or deliverables

  1. Obtain quote for greenhouse DONE
  2. Siting and permits DONE
  3. Construction and assembly
    1. Greenhouse:
      • layout location DONE
      • assemble and raise arches DONE
      • install purlins DONE
      • build gable ends and dividers DONE
      • skin main plastic DONE
      • skin gable ends and internal dividers DONE
      • build and install doors DONE
      • assemble roll-ups and cranks DONE
      • improved drainage DONE
      • raise floor with soil or other materials Deemed not necessary.
    2. Propagation benches:
      • Cut list for each two-layer bench:
        • top: 108"x42" pre-made panel made of rolled expanded stainless steel and 1.5" lumber.
        • pedestal columns: 2 each 2"x6", 29" long.
        • pedestal bases: 2 each 2"x6", 35.2" long, 45° at ends, alternate.
        • end braces: 4 each 2"x3", 48.8" long, 45° at ends.
          • chop 2"x6" first, then rip to yield two braces
        • centre brace: 2"x3", 64.0" long, 30° & 60° at ends, alternate.
        • centre brace: 2"x3", 62.2" long, 30° & 60° at ends, alternate.
          • Make four braces from a single 2"x6" of at least 135" long:
            1. chop end to 60°
            2. chop alternate 30° at 68.7" on long side
            3. chop final alternate 60° cut at 68.7 on long side
            4. rip both pieces to yield the 62.2" braces, the shorter of the two
            5. chop the longer of the two halves (at 30° or 60° end) at 64.0"
        • bottom tension strut: 102" x 1.5" x 1.5", ripped from 2"x6"
        • long dimension centre mesh support: 4 each ~46.5" 2"x3" Due to irregularities in short dimension supports, each must be measured and cut individually.
        • top supports: 4 each 17.5" 2"x6", ripped in half at 45°, joined to make an "L" shape.
        • 2"x3" lumber is actually 2"x6" lumber ripped in half.
  4. Finishing, wiring, irrigation, heating, etc.
    1. Heat
      1. locate and plumb biodiesel boiler for producing hot water for seedling heat.
      2. obtain PEX and valves so we can have each table on a separate heat zone.
    2. Bring semi-permanent electric power in, at least #10/3
    3. Irrigation
      1. tap into field irrigation system at the NE corner, where we luckily hit a main and thus have it located
      2. plumb 1" mainline along the long dimension

Financial budget

how much money will be needed, possibly high-low bracketed and detailed, or a complete guess (try to indicate how firm a guess it is!)

Cash outlay

$8,200 for the basic greenhouse.
$500 for DC temperature control system
$200 for two deep-cycle batteries
$200 for irrigation components
$900 permits and administration
$10,000 total budget

Class B shares

1,000 shares to Jan Steinman for 4,400 kWh (250,000 BTU) biodiesel-fired heater.
200 shares to Jan Steinman for used 40 watt solar panels
2,100 shares to Jan Steinman for 200 hours of capital labour, including planning, design, construction, and engineering
1,050 shares to others for capital labour construction
4,350 Class B Investment Shares issued

Labor budget

how many people are needed for how long, including specific people or specific skill-sets

  • 20 hours planning
  • 20 hours design
  • 170 hours construction

Time Log

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Jan Steinman2013-03-18 14:01:002013-03-18 16:10:002.1500Procuringgreenhouse irr parts Sleggno
Jan Steinman2013-03-17 16:53:002013-03-17 19:00:002.1167Constructinggreenhouse irrigation: built first manifold for table irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-17 16:53:002013-03-17 19:00:002.1167Constructinggreenhouse irrigation: built first manifold for table irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-16 15:19:002013-03-16 18:20:003.0167Constructinggreenhouse irrigation workno
Jan Steinman2013-03-16 15:19:002013-03-16 18:20:003.0167Constructinggreenhouse irrigation workno
Jan Steinman2013-03-14 17:26:002013-03-14 19:42:002.2667Constructinggreenhouse: plumbing in prop room, install three headers overheadno
Jan Steinman2012-12-30 20:35:002012-12-30 21:10:000.5833Managing Informationclose greenhouse projectno
James Donnelly2012-10-22 01:31:002012-10-22 02:00:000.4833Constructingwinter prep drip tapeno
Jan Steinman2012-07-09 18:20:002012-07-09 19:30:001.1667Troubleshootingfertigation testno
Jan Steinman2012-07-09 16:49:002012-07-09 18:00:001.1833Constructingfertigation inst new old pumpno
Jan Steinman2012-07-09 13:20:002012-07-09 14:15:000.9167Designingfertigation planningno
Jan Steinman2012-07-09 11:47:002012-07-09 12:10:000.3833Designingirrigation fertigation plumbing designno
Jan Steinman2012-07-08 17:40:002012-07-08 18:00:000.3333Researchingirrigation pressure tank researchno
Jan Steinman2012-07-06 09:00:002012-07-06 10:00:001.0000ProcuringRunning down irrigation parts for Carol'l pickup in Duncanno
Jan Steinman2012-07-04 15:31:002012-07-04 16:50:001.3167ConstructingFertigation workno
Jan Steinman2012-07-04 13:45:002012-07-04 14:30:000.7500ConstructingFertigation work, partsno
Jan Steinman2012-07-02 18:35:002012-07-02 19:30:000.9167Constructingfertigation: pump plumbedno
Jan Steinman2012-07-02 13:33:002012-07-02 18:00:004.4500Constructinggreenhouse fertigation: foundation for tankno
Jan Steinman2012-06-29 13:11:002012-06-29 17:45:004.5667Constructingwest room irrigationno
Jan Steinman2012-06-28 15:00:002012-06-28 18:00:003.0000Constructingplumb west room irrigation headersno
Jan Steinman2012-06-27 17:28:002012-06-27 18:17:000.8167Constructinggreenhouse irrigationno
Jan Steinman2012-06-27 14:39:002012-06-27 16:40:002.0167ProcuringSlegg for parts, errandsno
Jan Steinman2012-06-26 12:50:002012-06-26 17:57:005.1167Constructinggreenhouse irrigationno
Jan Steinman2012-06-25 20:10:002012-06-25 22:45:002.5833Constructinggreenhouse irrigation: build three manifolds and ran main linesno
Jan Steinman2012-06-25 16:54:002012-06-25 17:45:000.8500Constructinggreenhouse watering systemno
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Vehicle Log

previous 25next 25
Jan SteinmanBubba2011-11-1526 km$11.440EcoRealitySlegg: greenhouse partsyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-10-2121 km$7.980EcoRealitySlegg, greenhouse partsyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-08-3014 km$5.320EcoRealitySlegg for saw blades for greenhouse shelvingyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-08-3014 km$5.320EcoRealitySlegg for saw blades for greenhouse shelvingyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-08-1928 km$10.640EcoRealitygreenhouse parts (water level)yes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-08-1232 km$12.160EcoRealitySlegg, water level parts for greenhouseyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-06-2827 km$10.260EcoRealityCRD building inspector appointmentyes
Jan SteinmanSarah2011-04-056.1 hr$14.152EcoRealityMoving soil to the new greenhouse area in prep for erecting frame.yes
Carol WagnerSarah2011-04-054.6 hr$10.672EcoRealityWood chipping for greenhouse and paths.yes
Carol WagnerWood Chipper2011-04-054.6 hr$9.752EcoRealityWood chipping for greenhouse and paths.yes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2011-03-2914 km$5.320EcoRealitySLEG greenhouse partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2011-03-2854 km$23.760EcoRealityPick up stainless steel screens for greenhouse shelving from Saanichyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2011-03-1139 km$17.160EcoRealitypick up greenhouse from Steele Greenhouse Supplies on Mayne Islandyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2011-03-0417 km$7.480EcoRealityget cardboard for greenhouse, SSFFyes
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by person

305Anna Huang31.5
245Azja Jones-Martin8.0
212Ben Corno6.0
4Carol Wagner32.8
309Carrie Chang5.5
298Charles Laferriere158.0
283Covey Steele24.5
218Emmanuel Roy27.0
277Farrah Alladin6.0
291Florian Andert14.5
276Greg Mackinnon14.5
290Holly Sansom2.3
337James Donnelly0.5
2Jan Steinman635.8
294John Freebury7.8
249Kaori Sano1.0
289Katrina Ydenberg21.0
308Matthew Walmsley2.0
278Nathan Taylor6.0
271Philippe-Antoine Cormier7.5
282Shirley Pucci7.3

by activity

5Managing Information0.6

by vehicle

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

1Blue Jetta358 km
5Bubba691 km
7Sarah107 hr/10
8Wood Chipper46 hr/10
8TOTAL:1202 hr/10

Final accounting

Item Budget Actual Over/Under Note
Class B Shares to Jan Steinman 8465.5
Class B Shares to Carol Wagner 492
Total Class B Shares 4350 8957.5 205.9% original budget did not include tables, which was about 80% of Jan’s time
Cash Outlay $10,000.00 $13,855.67 138.6% included cost of materials for tables, excluding Class B Shares issued

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