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Composting Meetings

This new type of meeting name was coined by Morris in our July 11th Process session.

The goal of the meetings is to be building our relationships within the group through the practice of:

  • deep reflective listening
  • compassion
  • caring and sharing

The composting meetings will be held regularly for 2 hours weekly onsite. All EcoReality participants are welcome to attend. We aim to establish a culture of acceptance when people miss a meeting here and there due to other commitments, and the group will determine the agenda for the meetings for each month. Some sessions may incorporate some heart circle, deep checking in time, as well as some group study and practice of communication models, such as Rosenberg's Compassionate Communication.

With the intention of keeping things simple, Shannon suggests that the group consider Rosenberg's system first (for two months to two years - depending on interest, functionality and effectiveness for what we aim to accomplish in these meetings). If we agree to host other presenters (whether endogenous or local experts) to learn about other systems during these sessions we will choose that together when the time is right, rather than schedule in advance to learn and practice several systems.

After the first series of 4 sessions, we are welcome to update this page to describe more deeply the function of the meetings!

Shan 02:00, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

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