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One of our first milkings, in 2009.


Dairy production information has been moved to its own page.

We now have available:

  • New.gif cheddar cheese, plain or flavoured
  • cajeta, fresh and canned
  • feta cheese
  • ice cream
  • kefir
  • milk
  • quark
  • frozen ricotta cheese
  • whey
  • yoghurt

Is there a dairy product not on this list that you'd like us to make for you? Let us know!


As of 13 June 2014, the number of shares needed for participation in operations are as follows:

  • 50 Class D Investment Shares (par value, $1 per share) for a nominal† one litre of milk (or the equivalent in other dairy products) per week.
    $50 allows you to receive one litre per week (as available†) at the cost of operations outlined below.
    $100 allows you to receive two litres per week (as available†), etc.
  • 10 Class D Investment Shares (par value, $1 per share) for occasional receipt of milk or milk products, generally not to exceed one litre per month, on an "as available" basis, after allowing for the needs of those who subscribe to 50 or more shares.

Based upon current output, the agister has determined that EcoReality can issue up to 3,025 Class D Investment Shares (par value, $1 per share).

We currently have 3025 shares subscribed, with 0 shares available.

† Due to variations in weather, diet, point in lactation cycle, and numerous other variables beyond our control, no particular quantity of milk is ever guaranteed. This is a bona-fide shared-ownership operation, and you must be prepared to take the bad with the good.


As of 18 March 2020, the fees for receiving various dairy products are as follows:

  • $6 per litre of raw goat milk,
    • $16 for a three-litre jug of raw goat milk,
    • $21 for a four-litre jug of raw goat milk,
  • $16 per 400 grams of raw goat feta cheese,
  • $8 per 400 grams of frozen goat ricotta cheese (not raw),
  • $16-$26 for a waxed wedge of aged, raw goat cheddar cheese, ($4/100 grams)
  • $10 per litre of raw goat yoghurt,
  • $2 per litre of raw goat whey,

Not all products may be available at all times; call 250-653-2024 for availability, or to order a specific product.

In addition, the following additional fees may be assessed:

  • $2 bottle deposit,
  • $3 dirty bottle return fee, for those who return reusable containers in an unclean condition. (See milk bottle cleaning procedure.)

If there is demand, we can do a number of products that we don't regularly do, such as raw ice cream, kefir, etc.

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