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Statistics for goat #111, Nubian male: Bucky

light brown



BreedBirth dateBirth weightDispositionDisposition dateDescriptionSireDam
Nubian2016-05-01 00:00:000.000died2019-12-28light brown


KidGenderBirth dateBirth weightSireDamDispositionDisposition dateDescription
Spot (Lamancha)male2017-03-29 01:00:003.370Bucky (Nubian)Whitey (Lamancha)sold0000-00-00white spotted
[Whitey-Bucky] (Lamancha)female2017-03-29 01:00:003.270Bucky (Nubian)Whitey (Lamancha)sold0000-00-00deer coloured
[Stubby-Bucky] (Nubian)male2017-03-30 00:00:002.620Bucky (Nubian)Stubby (Lamancha)sold0000-00-00Deer coloured
Cow (Nubian)male2017-04-01 04:00:001.770Bucky (Nubian)Crimson (Nubian)owned0000-00-00Deer coloured with black spots
Freckles (Nubian)female2017-04-01 04:00:001.790Bucky (Nubian)Crimson (Nubian)sold2019-06-17Deer coloured with fewer black spots
[Taara-Bucky] (Nubian)male2017-04-02 08:00:002.800Bucky (Nubian)Taara (Nubian)sold2018-02-27Brown/black with white star
[Taara-Bucky] (Nubian)male2017-04-02 08:00:002.400Bucky (Nubian)Taara (Nubian)sold2018-02-27Brown/black
Loosey (Nubian)female2017-07-16 09:30:002.770Bucky (Nubian)Lefty (Lamancha)sold2019-05-13graey, tan, white, white socks and black spot on chest
Knee Spot (Lamancha)female2018-01-12 20:00:001.700Bucky (Nubian)Right (Lamancha)sold2018-04-22deer coloured, with black spot on left knee
Sammy (Lamancha)male2018-01-12 20:00:002.400Bucky (Nubian)Right (Lamancha)sold2018-06-10deer coloured, with black spot on chest
[Friendly-Bucky] (Nubian)male2018-01-20 11:00:003.510Bucky (Nubian)Friendly (Lamancha)sold2018-06-20Lamancha ears, dark tan with darker points
[Friendly-Bucky 2] (Nubian)female2018-01-20 11:00:002.850Bucky (Nubian)Friendly (Lamancha)sold2018-04-22Lamancha ears, light tan with darker points
[Stubby-Bucky] (Nubian)male2018-01-20 14:00:002.520Bucky (Nubian)Stubby (Lamancha)sold2018-04-22Nubian ears, brown with black-striped white socks
[Stubby-Bucky 2] (Nubian)female2018-01-20 14:00:001.960Bucky (Nubian)Stubby (Lamancha)died0000-00-00Nubian ears, light, found flat in maternity ward
[Taara-Bucky] (Nubian)female2018-01-24 10:30:002.610Bucky (Nubian)Taara (Nubian)sold2018-04-22Nubian ears, chocolate with black socks, slash on left rear leg
[Lefty-Bucky] (Lamancha)male2018-05-05 16:00:002.420Bucky (Nubian)Lefty (Lamancha)sold2018-06-10deer-coloured with white socks and black stripes
[Lefty-Bucky 2] (Lamancha)male2018-05-05 16:00:002.380Bucky (Nubian)Lefty (Lamancha)sold2018-06-10deer-coloured with white socks and black stripes
[Whitey-Bucky 2] (Nubian)male2018-05-07 05:00:003.160Bucky (Nubian)Whitey (Lamancha)sold2018-06-20gray with Nubian ears
[Whitey-Bucky] (Lamancha)male2018-05-07 05:00:002.670Bucky (Nubian)Whitey (Lamancha)sold2018-06-20brown with black stripe
Lil Boy (Nubian)male2018-12-21 00:00:002.040Bucky (Nubian)Crimson (Nubian)sold2019-10-02blond with white & black points, Nubian ears
Blitzen (Saanen)female2018-12-26 00:00:003.100Bucky (Nubian)Sazmaz (Lamancha)owned0000-00-00solid back with white slash on right belly, Saanen-Nubian ears
Dabha (Saanen)female2018-12-26 00:00:002.970Bucky (Nubian)Sazmaz (Lamancha)owned0000-00-00tan with black/white points, prominent erect Saanen ears
[Taara-Bucky 2] (Nubian)doe2019-03-17 16:00:003.060Bucky (Nubian)Taara (Nubian)sold2020-05-07dark brown with black points, Nubian ears
[Taara-Bucky] (Nubian)doe2019-03-17 16:05:002.880Bucky (Nubian)Taara (Nubian)sold2020-05-07medium brown with grey spots, Nubian ears
Fella (Lamancha)buck2019-04-01 11:50:002.950Bucky (Nubian)Right (Lamancha)sold2020-03-10deer boy with white socks
[Right-Bucky 2] (Lamancha)buck2019-04-01 11:55:002.410Bucky (Nubian)Right (Lamancha)died0000-00-00deer boy with white socks
[Friendly-Bucky] (Lamancha)buck2019-04-09 16:35:002.200Bucky (Nubian)Friendly (Lamancha)died2019-08-15deer, white socks & stripes
[Friendly-Bucky 2] (Lamancha)doe2019-04-09 16:40:002.260Bucky (Nubian)Friendly (Lamancha)died2019-06-06white
Lucky (Lamancha)doe2019-04-09 16:45:002.410Bucky (Nubian)Friendly (Lamancha)sold2020-02-05white, tan eye spot
Shylow (Lamancha)doe2019-04-09 17:00:001.650Bucky (Nubian)Shy (Lamancha)sold2020-05-07solid black, turned cocoa as she aged
[Freckles-Bucky] (Lamancha)buck2019-04-13 00:00:001.000Bucky (Nubian)Freckles (Nubian)died0000-00-00found dead, estimated weight
[Freckles-Bucky 2] (Lamancha)doe2019-04-13 00:00:001.000Bucky (Nubian)Freckles (Nubian)died0000-00-00found dead, estimated weight


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YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest

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2019-11-02wormedpoopy tail; 5ml fenbenzidole drench
2019-02-16wormedpoopy tail; 20 ml ivomectin drench
2018-12-07wormedtransdermal: 20cc eprenomectin
2018-02-24wormedtransdermal: 20cc moxidectin
2018-01-04wormedtransdermal: 20cc ivomectin
2017-07-16wormedtransdermal: 12cc moxidectin
2016-12-08wormeddrench: 10cc ivomectin
2016-12-08bredThin, put in with does so I can keep an eye on him and give him more feed. Expect all the does bred.
1 to 8 of 8 [1]


The extension MySQL needs to be turned into a parser function first, so that gender-specific statistics can be presented in a reasonable way. (We don't really want to know how much milk we got out of a buck, for example.)

Sex of this animal is: {{#mysqlinline:SELECT Sex FROM s_animals WHERE ID=111|database=EcoReality}} .

The sex of this animal is not defined.

The sex of this animal is undefined.

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