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Statistics for goat #24, Sable male: Zuciana

Black & white paint



BreedBirth dateBirth weightDispositionDisposition dateDescriptionSireDam
Sable2012-05-09 03:00:004.100died2013-12-13Black & white paintLincoln (Nubian)Maya (Sable)


KidGenderBirth dateBirth weightSireDamDispositionDisposition dateDescription
(unnamed) (Nubian)female2013-04-13 13:30:003.000Zuciana (Sable)Dhati (Nubian)sold2013-05-13Black & white with large white star and mostly white ears
(unnamed) (Nubian)female2013-04-13 13:30:002.600Zuciana (Sable)Dhati (Nubian)sold2013-07-10Black & white with small white star and brown ears, grizzled fore flanks
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-04-25 09:30:003.400Zuciana (Sable)Taara (Nubian)sold2013-06-30black back with white and brown, white star, brown socks
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-04-25 09:30:003.200Zuciana (Sable)Taara (Nubian)sold2013-06-22black with white belly extending up and back
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-05-31 07:00:002.830Zuciana (Sable)Trika (Nubian)sold2013-10-10Black, white, some brown, large star
(unnamed) (Nubian)female2013-05-31 07:00:002.360Zuciana (Sable)Trika (Nubian)sold2013-08-10Black on right, white on left, tan socks white head
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-06-02 19:30:003.130Zuciana (Sable)Asita (Nubian)sold2013-06-25Black & White, white belt, large star, brown socks
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-06-02 19:30:002.000Zuciana (Sable)Asita (Nubian)sold2013-06-25Black & white, white socks
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-06-08 00:01:003.640Zuciana (Sable)Shakti (Sable)sold2013-08-21mostly dark, white belly, tan socks, tiny star
Bhuta (Nubian)male2013-06-11 01:15:003.820Zuciana (Sable)Maya (Sable)sold2013-08-21Grey and white
Murkha (Nubian)male2013-06-11 01:20:004.200Zuciana (Sable)Maya (Sable)sold2014-07-13Black & white, no saddle
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-06-11 01:25:003.380Zuciana (Sable)Maya (Sable)died2013-06-14Black & white, thin white saddle
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2013-06-25 05:20:003.860Zuciana (Sable)Priya (Nubian)sold0000-00-00Back & white with tan socks
Himavat (Nubian)female2013-06-25 05:30:003.330Zuciana (Sable)Priya (Nubian)sold2015-05-19All white with two small tan spots.


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First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest

Milker by year



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2013-12-12medicalDown and can't get up. Emaciated.
2013-10-18wormedapplied 5cc Eprinex topically on back of neck
2013-09-08trim hooves
2013-03-04trim hooves
2012-12-04trim hooves
2012-10-21trim hooves
1 to 6 of 6 [1]


The extension MySQL needs to be turned into a parser function first, so that gender-specific statistics can be presented in a reasonable way. (We don't really want to know how much milk we got out of a buck, for example.)

Sex of this animal is: {{#mysqlinline:SELECT Sex FROM s_animals WHERE ID=24|database=EcoReality}} .

The sex of this animal is not defined.

The sex of this animal is undefined.

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