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Statistics for goat #3, Nubian male: Lincoln

Dark brown with moon spot



BreedBirth dateBirth weightDispositionDisposition dateDescriptionSireDam
Nubian2010-06-23 00:00:000.000rented0000-00-00Dark brown with moon spotUnknown (Unknown)Unknown (Unknown)


KidGenderBirth dateBirth weightSireDamDispositionDisposition dateDescription
Raja (Nubian)male2011-05-16 10:00:003.700Lincoln (Nubian)Priya (Nubian)sold2011-06-23Golden with darker stripe
Trika (Nubian)female2011-05-16 10:00:002.700Lincoln (Nubian)Priya (Nubian)sold2014-08-11Dark brown with tan face stripes
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2011-05-16 16:00:003.400Lincoln (Nubian)Shakti (Sable)sold2011-06-23Dark brown with tan socks, tan face stripes, white belly, and brown spot on side
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2011-05-16 16:00:003.150Lincoln (Nubian)Shakti (Sable)sold2011-06-23Dark brown with white socks and white face stripes
Taara (Nubian)female2011-05-16 16:00:003.100Lincoln (Nubian)Shakti (Sable)owned0000-00-00Dark brown with white star on forehead
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2011-05-29 06:45:002.700Lincoln (Nubian)Tuccha (Nubian)sold2011-06-23Spotted white and brown with white head
Citra (Nubian)female2011-05-29 06:45:002.700Lincoln (Nubian)Tuccha (Nubian)sold2011-11-14Spotted tan and brown with tan head
Asita (Nubian)female2012-04-24 13:30:003.250Lincoln (Nubian)Dhati (Nubian)sold2015-12-16Black with white highlights, white spot in centre of back
Zyara (Nubian)female2012-04-24 13:30:003.000Lincoln (Nubian)Dhati (Nubian)sold2012-08-15black with white highlights, brown head and socks
Saddleback (Nubian)male2012-04-29 13:00:002.100Lincoln (Nubian)Tuccha (Nubian)died2012-05-01black with white belt completely around middle
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2012-04-29 13:00:003.200Lincoln (Nubian)Tuccha (Nubian)sold2012-07-25Black with white head and white band from sides to belly
Vana (Nubian)female2012-04-29 13:00:001.830Lincoln (Nubian)Tuccha (Nubian)sold2012-05-11White with light tan markings
Zuciana (Sable)male2012-05-09 03:00:004.100Lincoln (Nubian)Maya (Sable)died2013-12-13Black & white paint
(unnamed) (Nubian)male2012-05-09 03:00:003.300Lincoln (Nubian)Maya (Sable)sold2012-06-16Black with brown points


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YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest

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The extension MySQL needs to be turned into a parser function first, so that gender-specific statistics can be presented in a reasonable way. (We don't really want to know how much milk we got out of a buck, for example.)

Sex of this animal is: {{#mysqlinline:SELECT Sex FROM s_animals WHERE ID=3|database=EcoReality}} .

The sex of this animal is not defined.

The sex of this animal is undefined.

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