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Ecotourism may be an important component of village trade, and is certainly an important component of EcoReality's educational mandate.

Several levels of ecotourism are possible:

  • day tours -- visitors who come for a quick look at what we do. We should freely share our knowledge, to the extent it does not interfere with necessary village work. We can tactfully suggest that day tourists purchase something from the retail center to better remember their experience.
  • seminars -- these may be an hour or a weekend, and will be intensive, curriculum-based classroom learning, combined in longer sessions with hands-on work in the field. This will be a cash crop, based on market rates for such instruction.
  • temporary residents -- visitors will stay for a week or longer to better experience the ecovillage experience. They will take part in all village activities, including meetings, but they will not necessarily be included in consensus agreements, since they lack the necessary history and commitment to the process. This will also be a cash crop, since it is expected that such visitors will be a net drain on community resources.
  • living restaurant -- people will come for a meal and will do the harvest themselves among the forest garden, choosing their menu, eat it raw on the spot or bring it back to an outdoor kitchen to more elaborate dishes.
  • add your ideas here!

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