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Recreational Intoxicants

Recreational intoxicants are to be used responsibly, in a way that

  • does not create a health or safety problem for the individual or community,
  • does not put the community at legal risk,
  • does not create a public relations problem for the community, and
  • does not interfere with an individual's effective time or monetary commitment to the community.

To implement these guidelines, specific use may be further limited as needed to specific zones and times, such as "private residence only" or "dining areas after 5PM."

Within these guidelines, it is our intention that individuals are able to choose to (or not to) enjoy moderate use of intoxicants without endangering themselves or the community, and without "sneaking" or working around arbitrary community rules.

If it appears to community members that an individual's use of intoxicants could result in harm to that individual or the community, we will meet with that individual to explore the cause of the harmful substance use, and their intentions in using the substance, and to discuss the perceived negative results, so as to come to some understanding about future behavior.

If the harmful use continues, an escalating sequence of consequences is triggered, possibly culminating in the expulsion of the individual from the community.

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