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Our recycling system is very thorough, and once you learn it, you'll feel like an EcoReal Recycler! Please rinse containers prior to recycling them to keep the entryways smelling squeaky clean.


Under tables in entryway


Drink containers that can be returned for a deposit. This includes:

  • Aluminum drink cans
  • Juice boxes or pouches
  • Glass or plastic bottles

Office paper

White or yellow office type paper materials, mail, magazines, newspaper, etc.

Mud room, left of fridge

Mud Room, left of fridge


Any brown paper material and stiff cardboard. This includes paper bags. Please flatten boxes when recycling.

Milk containers

Any milky tetrapak drink containers, including nut and grain milks. Please flatten cartons when recycling.


Non-deposit clear and coloured glass bottles and jars.


Non-deposit metal materials, including non-drink cans and spent jar lids and aluminium foil. Bear in mind that lids and foil can often be reused before they are recycled.

Hard plastic

Non-deposit hard plastic, including plastic jars and lids, yogurt containers, etc.

Weird plastic

Any flexible, non-stretchy plastic, including plastic bags with zips, cellophane/foil-looking wrappers, etc.


The 'Ask what goes in here' container for all sorts of miscellaneous materials. This includes styrofoam, electronics, batteries, light bulbs. When in doubt, ask!

Mud room, right of door to entryway

Clean bags

Clean plastic bags can be slip knotted and reused for farmers' market customers.

Stretchy plastic

Any stretchy plastic that can't be reused.


Paper products with food waste

Any paper products contaminated with food waste go into the bin next to the fireplace and will be burnt. This includes napkins and Kleenex, wax coated paper.

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