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[x] Minutes:20100908: Prep and cover front field. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20100929: Ron to bring rotovator over. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101110: Ron will drive process and come up with an "info sheet" by the next ING meeting on 1 December 2010. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101110: (abandoned) Ron will round up funding for Cuban apprentice program. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101110: Ron to bring wire from Mayne for emergency power project. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101110: Ron wants to organize clean up of barn area to get some things out of rain. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101110: Ron to look into stream side water quality monitoring as part of ING paper. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101117: Ron will check to see if we need any concrete (corner posts? door sill?) for commercial propagation greenhouse. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101117: (abandoned) Ron will prepare a beekeeping workshop for April. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101124: Ron is bringing a tote from Mayne for the juice. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101201: (transferred to Jan) Ron will investigate greenhouse permit requirements. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101201: ABANDONED: Ron will look over governance structure/bylaws. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20101201: Ron will pursue Farm Tax status. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20110105: Ron will investigate audio transcribing software. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Sort out and clean up workshop. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20111116: (no longer willing to do this as of Minutes:20120104) Ron will write a memorandum of understanding regarding work and support on the market garden and the commercial propagation greenhouse. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20111214: AGREED: (Standard unaltered BC RTA signed 24 January 2012) Ron is to take the standard BC Residential Tenancy Agreement that he will not agree to, and make modifications to it to the point that he finds it acceptable, and that he and EcoReality will use that as a starting point for negotiation on a final residential agreement for the white house. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20120104: (abandoned) Ron agreed to email a first draft of his proposed "memorandum of understanding" regarding his management of the Market Garden and Commercial Transplant Greenhouse profit centres by next Monday, 9 January 2012, at noon. (Ron Pither)
[x] Minutes:20120125: Ron will return the missing EcoReality rototiller from his farm on Mayne Island to EcoReality. (Ron Pither)

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