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This is a DRAFT form of a written agreement that can be used when EcoReality members/residents agree to harvest crops off of the farm.Dennis Lucarelli 17:09, 1 November 2009 (UTC)


EcoReality and __________________________ hereby agree to the following exchange in trade, barter, and/or harvest:

Specify amount and nature of fruits, vegetables, seedlings, etc. that are to be received by, traded to, and/or harvested for use by


In return, EcoReality shall provide (state product(s), amount, and timing) to the person/farm/entity who is sharing or trading to EcoReality:

Name and Signature on behalf of the party making the trade with EcoReality

________________________________________ ________________________________

Name and Signature on behalf of EcoReality

________________________________________ ________________________________

Note to EcoReality person making the agreement. Please communicate this Agreement in written form (email, lettermail) to both EcoReality residents and the trading partner(s) Please obtain signature from the external party to ensure that the written agreement represents his/her interpretation of the verbal agreement. The EcoReality coordinator of the trade promises to see that this trade or exchange is fulfilled, or to make sure that another EcoReality resident agrees to do so.

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