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This template is used on Project pages to show the time put in on a project by everyone who has their hours entered into the database.

It is typically placed near the bottom of a Project page, before the Final accounting section.


  1. the number that uniquely identified this project in the database.


as entered 
{{project timelog|126}}
as displayed 


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Jan Steinman2013-04-06 13:41:002013-04-06 15:01:001.33331.33Constructinggreenhouse waterno
Jan Steinman2013-04-05 17:02:002013-04-05 18:46:001.73333.06Constructinggreenhouse plumbing: fix leaking connector hosesno
Jan Steinman2013-04-05 15:02:002013-04-05 15:33:000.51673.58ProcuringSlegg for irrigation ½" tubingno
Jan Steinman2013-04-04 15:16:002013-04-04 18:15:002.98336.56Constructinggreenhouse plumbingno
Jan Steinman2013-04-02 16:05:002013-04-02 17:20:001.25007.81ProcuringSlegg: irrigation parts, ½" tubing for chestnuts and greenhouseno
Jan Steinman2013-03-30 14:00:002013-03-30 16:10:002.16679.98Constructinggreenhouse irr systemno
Jan Steinman2013-03-30 10:59:002013-03-30 11:40:000.683310.66Constructinggreenhouse irr workno
Jan Steinman2013-03-28 16:57:002013-03-28 18:23:001.433312.09Constructinggreenhouse irr systemno
Jan Steinman2013-03-28 16:57:002013-03-28 18:23:001.433313.52Constructinggreenhouse irr systemno
Jan Steinman2013-03-28 15:56:002013-03-28 16:57:001.016714.54ProcuringSlegg irr partsno
Jan Steinman2013-03-28 15:56:002013-03-28 16:57:001.016715.56ProcuringSlegg irr partsno
Jan Steinman2013-03-24 17:11:002013-03-24 17:40:000.483316.04Procuringorder greenhouse irrigation partsno
Jan Steinman2013-03-24 17:11:002013-03-24 17:40:000.483316.52Procuringorder greenhouse irrigation partsno
Jan Steinman2013-03-24 14:50:002013-03-24 17:11:002.350018.87Constructinggreenhouse irrigation systemno
Jan Steinman2013-03-24 14:50:002013-03-24 17:11:002.350021.22Constructinggreenhouse irrigation systemno
Jan Steinman2013-03-23 20:15:002013-03-23 23:06:002.850024.07Researchingdrip irrigation research & correspondenceno
Jan Steinman2013-03-23 20:15:002013-03-23 23:06:002.850026.92Researchingdrip irrigation research & correspondenceno
Jan Steinman2013-03-22 15:15:002013-03-22 18:00:002.750029.67Constructinggreenhouse irr buildingno
Jan Steinman2013-03-22 15:15:002013-03-22 18:00:002.750032.42Constructinggreenhouse irr buildingno
Jan Steinman2013-03-21 15:50:002013-03-21 19:30:003.666736.09Constructinggreenhouse table irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-21 15:50:002013-03-21 19:30:003.666739.76Constructinggreenhouse table irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-21 10:21:002013-03-21 11:45:001.400041.16Constructinggreenhouse: build tabel irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-21 10:21:002013-03-21 11:45:001.400042.56Constructinggreenhouse: build tabel irrigationno
Jan Steinman2013-03-18 16:53:002013-03-18 18:20:001.450044.01Constructinggreenhouse irrigation workno
Jan Steinman2013-03-18 14:01:002013-03-18 16:10:002.150046.16Procuringgreenhouse irr parts Sleggno
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Vehicle Log

1 to 26 of 39 < ^ 1 >
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-07-1325 km$11.000EcoRealitySlegg, filteryes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-07-0938 km$16.720EcoRealitySlegg, irrigation partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-06-2725 km$11.000EcoRealitySlegg, irrigation partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-06-2623 km$10.120EcoRealitySlegg, irrigation partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-06-1167 km$29.480EcoRealityirrigation components for greenhouseyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-06-08103 km$45.320EcoRealitystaples for greenhouse, VAyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-06-0414 km$6.160EcoRealitySlegg irrigation partsyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-05-2121 km$9.240EcoRealityMoats glueyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-05-1822 km$9.680EcoRealityLions for greenhouse clockyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-05-0426 km$11.440EcoRealitySlegg, Moats, for glueyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-04-2826 km$11.440EcoRealitySlegg, screwsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-04-2421 km$9.240EcoRealityWindsor for glueyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-04-2121 km$9.240EcoRealitySleggyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-04-1714 km$6.160EcoRealitySlegg glueyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-04-1725 km$11.000EcoRealityWindsor glueyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-04-1318 km$7.920EcoRealitySlegg for greenhouse partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-04-0924 km$10.560EcoRealitySlegg for gh partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-04-03134 km$58.960EcoRealitypick up greenhouse trays from Mary Coll in Sookeyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-04-0213 km$5.720EcoRealitypick up greenhouse door trackyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-03-3014 km$6.160EcoRealitySlegg for door track (not received yet)yes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-03-2914 km$6.160EcoRealitySlegg for greenhouse door partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-03-2724 km$10.560EcoRealityget gravel for greenhouse trenchingyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-02-2521 km$9.240EcoRealitySlegg, saw blade for greenhouse tablesyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-02-2315 km$6.600EcoRealitySlegg, partsyes
Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2012-02-2215 km$6.600EcoRealitySlegg, partsyes
1 to 26 of 39 < ^ 1 >


by person

305Anna Huang31.5
245Azja Jones-Martin8.0
212Ben Corno6.0
4Carol Wagner32.8
309Carrie Chang5.5
298Charles Laferriere158.0
283Covey Steele24.5
218Emmanuel Roy27.0
277Farrah Alladin6.0
291Florian Andert14.5
276Greg Mackinnon14.5
290Holly Sansom2.3
337James Donnelly0.5
2Jan Steinman635.8
294John Freebury7.8
249Kaori Sano1.0
289Katrina Ydenberg21.0
308Matthew Walmsley2.0
278Nathan Taylor6.0
271Philippe-Antoine Cormier7.5
282Shirley Pucci7.3

by activity

5Managing Information0.6

by vehicle

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

1Blue Jetta358 km
5Bubba691 km
7Sarah107 hr/10
8Wood Chipper46 hr/10
8TOTAL:1202 hr/10


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