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PostForm is installed in this wiki. With it, you can set up submission forms that are then emailed to a given recipient.

These forms should be protected from casual editing once created.

Here is a sample form. It has an illegal email address, and won't do anything useful, so please don't bother with the "Send" button. But it may be useful in helping you make your form.


<postform name="FormName" to="Recipient email" subject="Email Subject" from="Sender email" short="1" - if short form desired wide="1" - if single-row groups desired>Form Title
	<itext title="Field title" name="field_name(will be displayed in the letter)"/> - input string
	<itextarea title="Field title" name="field_name"/> - textarea
	<iselect title="Field title" name="field_name"> - dropdown list (select)
		<ioption/> - empty item
		<ioption>item value</ioption>
	<iselect title="Field title" name="field_name"> - dropdown list v.2
		<source>Uploaded FileName</source>
	<iselect title="Field title" name="field_name"> - dropdown list v.3
			<server>DB server address</server>
			<type>DB type (MySQL, MSSQL)</type>
			<database>DB name</database>
			<user>DB username</user>
			<password>DB password</password>
	<radiogroup title="Group Name" name="field_name"> - Group of radiobuttons
		<iradio title="Title" value="Value"/>
	<icheckbox title="Single checkbox title" name="field_name" value="Value"/> - single checkbox
	<checkboxgroup title="Title of group"> - checkbox group
		<icheckbox title="Title" value="Value">
		<icheckbox title="Title" checked="">
	<ibutton title="Button text"/> - submit button
	<formsenttext>Text with a successful form submission</formsenttext>


Form Sample
Input text
Required Input text*
Dropdown list
Radiobutton groupradio 1radio 2radio 3
Single checkbox
Checkbox groupcheckbox 1
checkbox 2
checkbox 3

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