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You can contact me via form-based email.
What I'm doing and what I've done.

A little about who I am:

I was born the 5th child of nine children on September 3rd, 1950 in Silverton Oregon. I have four brothers and four sisters. My parents lived about 15 minutes from me before we moved to Canada and I saw them at least once a week. My parents have been married over 63 years. When I was 18 months old, my father returned to the Air Force and we spent the next 14 years traveling between the United States and Germany, finally ending in Tennessee, where my Dad retired and we moved back to Oregon, where I have lived ever since. I've become very close to my parents, and two younger nieces, so moving away from my family will be very hard for me, but I so look forward to my new family in the ecovillage.

I learned how to sew at thirteen, mostly out of necessity. But I have continued to enjoy making my own clothes and other things as gifts, for my home and for sale. I've always loved working with my hands and have dabbled in a lot of crafts, including paper, woodworking, cross-stitch (extensively), and crotchet to name a few. About five years ago, I taught myself bead weaving and now teach others. I love finding new things to challenge myself with. Just recently I've taken up Art Clay Silver. I've just tried a few things, but hope to have more time after this summers shows. Several years ago I also took a bead making class. A couple of weeks ago, while gathering some supplies for some friends, Jan said that maybe I should get some supplies too. Again, I hope to get into that too. There are so many things that I wish I had more time for. I think it will be easier in community.

I am an avid gardener. I love to have my hands in the soil. In 1991 I fulfilled a 10 year dream and became a Master Gardener and then a Master Composter. I also love to can and preserve the bounty from the garden.

In 1996 I went back to college to get a Bachelors degree. I first started out wanting a degree in Psychology, and then switched my major to an Interdisciplinary degree in Psychology and Human Studies. I never planned on using it for any job, it was just to help me grow up and further the work I had been doing on myself. There is always work to do, but this was a huge step for me. I have been a bookkeeper since 1970 and love it. I never imagined that that is what I would do, but my mother, knowing me better than I did myself, suggested taking a class and that was enough. I love detail work and that probably explains why I love bookkeeping and beading. I currently do free-lance bookkeeping for eight clients, and I set up and maintain the books and maintain an annual budget of about US$15,000 for a non-profit organization, Village Arts.

After graduation, I volunteered in my Sister, Cathy's classroom for a year. I then applied for a position at her school in the "No Child Left Behind" program and worked there, part time, for two years (September 2002 - June 2004.) I loved working with the children and now I volunteer with my sister, Cathy's 4th-5th classroom whenever I can.

My husband (Jan) and have been traveling since 2000 during the summer doing juried art and craft shows. In the summer of 2004 we traveled all the way across the US into Maine, just so that we could say we'd been there. We lived for 8 1/2 weeks in Veggie Van Gogh. About half way through the trip, I sprained my ankle. Oh the adventures we have!

Jan (pronounced like the Swiss would say it) and I have a very strong relationship. We've tested it many times and after being together for seven years, we married July 24, 2004. It is wonderful to share such a strong love for each other and I feel that is is an extension of our love for the environment and the desire to live in the right path.

I have a website for my jewelry. It is in need of being updated, since I've sold a few pieces before photographing them and posting them to the site. This is a big NO NO, as it is my only photographic record of the things that I've made. I'd love feed back on the site and my work. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Crafted by Carol Beaded Jewelry Website

I'm sure that there is lots more to say, and I look forward to sharing my life experiences and learning about others.

Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ

I've just added a philosophy page that people can add random thoughts to share.

10 April 2005 - Today, Jan and I were talking about our feelings about moving to Salt Spring Island. Sometimes you feel a pull toward something, but it might just be from your head. But the pull we feel is from our head, heart & gut. It is a full body pull.

Personal vision of the ecovillage: To live in harmony with nature. To be aware of my connection and relationship with the natural world; the earth, the air, the water and the sun. To have an herb garden that is close to the community center/village kitchen. To be mindful of my thoughts and actions; and pray that they are all aligned with the Community vision. To quote Jane Goodall “Every individual: matters, has a role to play, and makes a difference.” I would like to honor those words, and to add that if I want to be respected, I need to show respect toward others. To be a part of the community in all ways. To share my hopes, thoughts, time and love with all. To garden and grow vegetables and perennial flowers, or play in the dirt as I like to put it! --Carol Wagner 11:28, 19 Apr 2005 (PDT)

I am the Farm Steward for EcoReality.



The reality of our lives is visible in our stewardship and connection with the land, the people, and the whole web of life.


  • Following the Golden Rule
  • Showing common courtesies
  • Not taking anything for granted
  • Being observant and aware of my surroundings
  • Being considerate of others feelings and needs
  • Process work and healing
  • Ownership of ones "stuff"
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Doing what I say I'll do or letting people know otherwise
  • Open communication
  • Caring
  • Giving
  • Sharing
  • Understanding
  • Loving relationships
  • Hard work

Living together A nice poem by Martin Luther King Jr.
Abraham Hicks Everlasting Life

Resources Inventory

Pfaff sewing machine Treadle sewing machine Small table loom Lots of Cross-Stitch stuff Beads, semi-precious stones, silver & gold-filled findings Food Dehydrator Kitchen stuff:

  • Quisinart
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Waffle Iron
  • Juicer (Steam)
  • Vita-mix
  • Water bath canner
  • Pressure Canner
  • 2 Cast Iron Dutch ovens
  • Blender
  • Coffee maker
  • 3 varying sizes of cast iron skillets
  • Revere ware pots and pans
  • 2 Round baking stones
  • Baking sheets and pans

First Aid: Crutches, walking boot, wrist splints, back brace, cane, etc And lots more....

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