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James left EcoReality in 2010. We wish him well!

James in Garibaldi

I was born in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on June 3, 1975, I was about a month premature and my mom says I came out blue and hungry with big feet and hands. I was raised in Parksville, a small town about 30 minutes north of Nanaimo. Well, it was small then, now it's full of stripmalls and all the fast food places one could crave.

I spent a ton of time as a kid on Lasqueti Island, where my dad lives now in a shack in the woods. It is a beautiful place with no power or car ferry or cable TV with a thriving community.

I went from high school to playing in a rock band, touring around north america and a trip to the UK. We had a major record deal that I was very happy to get out of and I saw a lot of highways. When that started to fizzle, I started working in the music industry (after years as a cook) producing shows and working as a production manager.

Now I still produce shows, I work part time for BC Ambulance as a paramedic, and work part time as a kayak guide.

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