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We have our yearly schedule set for work parties at our farm on Salt Spring Island. We hope you'll come visit and get your hands in the dirt with us!

Schedule as of March 2013:

  • 10 AM meet in the greenhouse for soil block planting!

Although "drop ins" are welcome, please contact the work party steward, if you are able, so we'll know about how many are coming.

Is this the same as "WWOOFing"? 
Our regular work parties are intended for locals and visitors to spend a day and a meal with us, so we can get to know each other better — while getting some work done! In contrast, WWOOFers typically stay for an extended period (typically a few days to two weeks or more), camping or staying indoors in poor weather. A third category are interns and apprentices, who stay for a much longer period of several months to a year or more, with whom we are able to incorporate an educational component into their stay. Please read our volunteer FAQ and fill out our volunteer application if you are interested in a longer arrangement.
What kind of work is there to do? 
There is all kinds of work to be done on the farm, we have a giant list of volunteer tasks. Everything from weeding to digging new ground to composting, potting, watering, picking, pruning, animal care, etc. If you have special skills, let us know — we also have projects involving building, electrical, plumbing, chemistry, mechanics, biodiesel, etc. We welcome any expertise and ideas that you may bring. There may be choices of jobs, but we have to get certain things done, and can't accommodate every request.
What kind of farm is it? 
We have 43 acres owned by our co-op, next to 61 acres of community farm land and backed by a thousand acres of public parkland. We have a dozen acres of hay, some fruit trees, over three acres of deer-fenced developing garden area, and lots of space to create more crops.
Who can participate? 
Almost anyone. Bring your friends and family! Please do not bring your dog or other pets unless by prior arrangement. If you want to come early and work even longer, please let us know in advance so we'll have enough food for lunch and or breakfast. If you're coming for just afternoon, feel free to drop in unannounced.
What about visiting instead of working? 
Although we have limited space, and generally have way too much work to do, friends and family can occasionally come and visit and not participate in the work parties. We will ask for a financial contribution to the meals and lodging if you are not working. See our visitor information. We encourage you to consider working and not just visiting, we have lots of fun and learn lots all day.
Where are we located? 
We're at 2152 Fulford Ganges Road about 3km west of Fulford Harbour. (How to get to EcoReality.) The phone number is 250-653-2024.
Is EcoReality a registered WWOOF host? 
Yes we are, here is our WWOOF Description. If you are a registered WWOOFer (or host), log in and then you can go to our WWOOF Canada web page.

If you are planning to visit, please read our welcome letter. You'll be asked to sign a copy during your stay.

Thanks, and hope to see you on a work party someday soon!

Our work party steward co-ordinates the work requirements and matches them to people, skills, tools, availability etc. You can contact the work party steward with your questions and comments.

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