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This statistic for other time periods:

all years20062007200820092010
[[{{{1-01 profit and loss|{{{1-01]][[{{{1-02 profit and loss|{{{1-02]][[{{{1-03 profit and loss|{{{1-03]][[{{{1-04 profit and loss|{{{1-04]][[{{{1-05 profit and loss|{{{1-05]][[{{{1-06 profit and loss|{{{1-06]]
[[{{{1-07 profit and loss|{{{1-07]][[{{{1-08 profit and loss|{{{1-08]][[{{{1-09 profit and loss|{{{1-09]][[{{{1-10 profit and loss|{{{1-10]][[{{{1-11 profit and loss|{{{1-11]][[{{{1-12 profit and loss|{{{1-12]]
all Janall Feball Marall Aprall Mayall Jun
all Julall Augall Sepall Octall Novall Dec

Other statistics for this time period:

DairyExpensesGross ProductivityHarvestLabourSales
[[{{{1}}} dairy|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} expenses|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} gross productivity|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} harvest|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} labour|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} sales|{{{1}}}]]
Balance sheetProfit and lossWebsite
[[{{{1}}} balance sheet|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} profit and loss|{{{1}}}]][[{{{1}}} website|{{{1}}}]]
A page with all statistics is available.
This report is in development, and data shown on this page may be missing, poorly organized, inaccurate, or flat-out wrong.

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